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How Did You Drive From Croatia to Montenegro (Zagreb to Kotor Roadtrip)?

👋🏼 Hey there! It's Natasha from The Traveling Foxes. Are you ready for a thrilling adventure driving all the way from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, to the beautiful country of Montenegro? The main purpose of this trip was to attend a friend's wedding, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to explore the stunning Balkan region along the way.

Join me on this incredible road trip adventure across the Balkans! Watch my full vlog here:

What's the best route from Croatia to Montenegro by road?

It Depends. Our Croatia road trip began from Zagreb as I set off towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. The drive from Zagreb to our first stop (near Buško Lake in Bosnia Herzegovina) took approximately four hours. Being a Filipino citizen, I always make sure to check visa requirements. Luckily, my Dutch residence permit grants me the freedom to travel within the Schengen area, which includes breathtaking countries like Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

I decided to travel Croatia - BiH - Montenegro because the border crossings are not as busy and it also gave me the opportunity to explore another country. However, If I was staying in Split, I would cross the border through Dubrovnik, which is supposed to take faster than crossing Bosnia.

Should You Do a Stopover in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Yes absolutely!

During this road trip, I made a fascinating stopover near Buško Lake, which happens to be the largest man-made reservoir in all of Europe! While I don't have enough time to delve deeply into the cities and towns, I opted for an off-the-beaten-path route to discover the hidden gems of this magnificent country.

Rather than taking the well-trodden path through Split or Dubrovnik, I chose the less-traveled route, avoiding the crowds and immersing myself in the local charm.

As I navigated the winding roads, I was treated to awe-inspiring views of lush mountains and glimpses of the nearby ocean, creating a truly breathtaking experience.

What's it Like to Cross the Border From Bosnia to Montenegro?

At the border, I went through the usual procedures, presenting my passport and permits for inspection. After a seamless crossing, I entered Montenegro, my final destination. The border crossing was fast and didn't take longer than 10-15 minutes.

The proximity to the coast became apparent, and my excitement soared as I caught my first glimpse of the sparkling sea, a welcome sight after hours of traversing through picturesque greenery and majestic mountains! ⛰

What are the Weddings Like in Montenegro?

Finally, I arrived in Kotor, Montenegro, where the much-awaited destination wedding was set to take place. The location was simply stunning, surrounded by majestic mountains and the shimmering sea. I couldn't wait to celebrate this joyous occasion with my friends and immerse myself in the beauty of Montenegro.

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In the upcoming episodes, I'll take you on a tour of our exquisite hotel, showcase the charms of Kotor, and provide further insights into my unforgettable experience in Montenegro. Stay tuned!

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