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Manila Pride Parade 2018 #RiseUpTogether

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

This was the first time I attended the Metro Manila Pride Parade held in Marikina Sports Center on June 30, 2018.

The attendance from the community was outstanding – the whole sports complex was almost filled with people. Last year, the parade gathered around 7,000 people, but this year, it’s said that more than 25,000 people turned up despite the rain.

Outside the grandstand were some hecklers who crashed the parade, holding anti-queer signs and asking people to repent their sins through megaphones.

I interviewed one of the anti-gay bystanders and it was one of the first times in my life where I felt like I was judged. Being a straight person celebrating equality for all genders (and wearing the LGBT flag colors), I learned to understand what it feels like for the LGBTQ people who are looked down upon by family members and individuals.

I look forward to seeing more people who will stand up for freedom and equality in the Philippines in the coming years!

Please see the vlog on the event below:

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