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Complete Packing Guide: Hand Carry Luggage for Long-Haul Flights

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Preparing for a long flight ahead, but don’t know where to start with packing? Good news – we’ve prepared a simple checklist of all the essentials you will need during your travels.

In this particular guide, we will share in detail what you need (and may want) to bring in your hand-carry luggage perfect for a long-haul flight.

Depending on your cabin class (Economy, First Class, Business), your weight baggage can vary. The standard size is 56 x 36 x 23 cm, of 7KG, or up to 10KG if you’re in Business.

Here’s a tip: copy, paste and print this list to guide you whenever you’re about to travel!

The Essential Packer:

  1. Passport

  2. Wallet – separate local and foreign currencies; include credit card and other ID

  3. Ballpen

  4. Mobile phone

  5. Headphones

  6. Power bank + cord

  7. Travel toothbrush kit

  8. Lip balm or moisturizer

  9. Journal or your favorite book

  10. Light snacks – crackers, chocolate bars

If you’re a Techie Packer, add in:

  1. Kindle or iPad

  2. Camera

  3. Laptop

  4. Portable charger

  5. Universal adaptor

For vanity:

  1. Ziplock or toiletries bag

  2. Makeup essentials – press powder, mascara, blush on, and lipstick

  3. Travel-sized perfume or cologne

  4. Pocket-sized deodorant

  5. Hand and face wipes

  6. Comb

If you have some extra space:

  1. Neck pillow & eye mask

  2. Prescribed medications

  3. Extra change of clothes (undergarment, light shirt)

  4. Jacket or sweatshirt (preferably no zippers!)

Remember NOT to pack these things:

  1. Flammable objects – lighter/matches, lithium batteries

  2. Liquids, makeup fluids that are above 100ml

  3. Sharp objects – scissors, blades

  4. Non-prescriptive drugs

If ever I missed anything, check out the TSA website to find out the complete list of what you can bring.

Want to know how to travel stress-free while on a long-haul flight? Check out this useful post about 10 travel hacks.

Happy travelling!


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