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Mt. Apo - Things to Prepare/Bring

Updated: May 29, 2022

Hello explorers! On our Youtube channel, we made a video about "Mt. Apo Essentials" and covered the items we think is necessary for your 2-day or 3-day hike up to the highest mountain in the Philippines.

Check below for the complete list which you can copy-paste onto your own notepad so you can use it as a guide while packing!

Clothing for the hike (prepare 2 sets):

- Quick-dry: leggings, long sleeves or T-shirt

- Base layer sweater – preferably water-resistant

- Raincoat – to leave in your handcarry bag

- Warm mid-layer jacket (for 2-10 degrees Celcius)

- Mid-high socks (to avoid debris getting in your shoe)

- Hiking shoes

- Sunnies

- Hat or Hoodie

- Balaclava or mask

Miscellaneous in your carry-on bag:

- Water bottle at least 2L

- Hydration liquid: Gatorade, juice at least 500mL

- Trail snacks: Protein bar, Chocolate, mixed nuts

- Camera, tripod

- Quick-dry hand towel

For camping:

- Tent

- Sweaters & joggers (for sleeping)

- Thermals for underlayer (if you are malamigin)

- Wool sleeping socks

- Blanket/sleeping bag (preferably up to 0 degrees warmth)

- Pillow

- Quick Dry Towel

- Flashlights/Headlights

- Slippers

- Rope & hooks/ carabiner (for hanging wet clothes)


- Camper tarp

- Campsite lamps

- Picnic mat

Toiletries for Camp:

- Mosquito spray

- Sunscreen

- Aqua Spray/ Alcohol

- Lip balm

- Deodorant

- Soap

- Tissue


- Cutleries (spoon, fork, knives, plates, cups)

- Plastic bag (for trash or wet clothes)



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