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El Nido Eats: Your Foodie Guide to Paradise [2024]

Updated: Jun 15

El Nido's beauty extends far beyond its beaches and lagoons. This tropical haven is also a vibrant culinary destination, offering a diverse array of flavors to satisfy every palate. Whether you're craving fresh seafood, Filipino classics, international cuisine, or a refreshing coffee, El Nido's food scene has you covered. 

Here are some of the spots you won't want to miss:

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

Verde Restaurant:

Restaurants in El Nido

Nestled in a jungle setting, Verde offers a tranquil ambiance and stunning views of the surrounding nature.

  • Must-try dishes:  The grilled seafood platter, which features a selection of fresh catches cooked to perfection, or the veggie curry for a flavorful vegetarian option.

  • Tip: Try to snag a table on their terrace for the best views

Restaurants in El Nido

This beachfront gem is known for its fresh seafood and lively atmosphere.

  • Must-try dishes:  The grilled tuna steak, marinated in local spices and herbs, or the seafood paella, a vibrant dish packed with flavors of the sea.

  • Tip:Arrive early to secure a prime beachfront table, especially for sunset dining.

International Flavors

Restaurants in El Nido

L'Assiette El Nido:   This charming restaurant brings a touch of French elegance to El Nido.

  • Must-try dishes: The beef bourguignon, a hearty stew cooked in red wine, or the crème brûlée, a classic French dessert.

  • Tip:Pair your meal with a glass of French wine from their extensive list.

Bella Vita:

Restaurants in El Nido

This charming Italian cafe is a haven for coffee lovers, offering a wide variety of espresso drinks, cakes, and pastries.

  • Must-try dishes: The tiramisu, a classic Italian dessert, or the cannoli, a Sicilian pastry filled with sweetened ricotta cheese.

  • Tip: Pair your treat with a cappuccino or espresso for the ultimate Italian experience.

Restaurants in El Nido

Indulge in wood-fired pizzas, handcrafted pastas, and other Italian delights at this cozy restaurant.

  • Must-try dishes: The margherita pizza, a simple yet delicious classic, or the seafood pasta, featuring fresh catches from El Nido's waters.

  • Tip: Save room for their homemade gelato, a perfect way to end your meal

Local Favorites

Restaurants in El Nido

This popular spot is a go-to for affordable grilled dishes and Filipino comfort food.

  • Must-try dishes: The grilled chicken or pork skewers, served with rice and dipping sauces, or the sizzling sisig, a flavorful dish made with chopped pork and onions.

  • Tip:Don't be shy to ask for extra chili sauce if you like your food spicy.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Restaurants in El Nido

This trendy cafe serves up excellent coffee, healthy breakfast bowls, and delicious pastries. It's a great place to start your day or grab a midday pick-me-up.

  • Must-try dishes:  The acai bowl, packed with fresh fruits and granola, or the avocado toast, topped with poached eggs and spices.

  • Tip: Try their cold brew coffee, made with beans sourced from local farmers.

Lazy Hammock Cafe:

Restaurants in El Nido

Relax in a hammock with a refreshing drink and a tasty snack at this laid-back cafe. They offer a variety of coffees, smoothies, and light meals.

  • Must-try dishes: The mango smoothie, made with fresh local mangoes, or the chicken panini, grilled to perfection and served on crusty bread.

  • Tip:Relax in one of their hammocks and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Hayahay Cafe:

Restaurants in El Nido

Located on the beach, this cafe is the perfect spot for sunset cocktails and casual dining. Their menu features a mix of Filipino and international dishes.

  • Must-try dishes: The grilled fish of the day, sourced from local fishermen, or the seafood curry, a fragrant and flavorful dish.

  • Tip:Catch their live music nights for a fun evening by the beach

Restaurants in El Nido

Get your caffeine fix at this cozy coffee shop. They serve up specialty coffee drinks, as well as pastries and light snacks.

  • Must-try dishes: The pour-over coffee, made with single-origin beans, or the iced latte, perfect for a hot day.

  • Tip: Ask the barista for their recommendations on the best beans to try

Tips for Dining in El Nido

  • Make reservations: Especially during peak season, it's a good idea to book a table in advance at popular restaurants.

  • Try the local cuisine: Don't be afraid to venture beyond your comfort zone and sample Filipino dishes. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy them!

  • Ask for recommendations: Locals are always a great source of information on the best places to eat.

Happy eating! Your taste buds are in for a treat in El Nido.

We've made a video of all these spots we've visited so you can check them out!


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