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How to Plan for a Spontaneous Trip

I had a coffee with Princess Manzon, a Model, Beauty Queen, Campaign and Advocacy Director for Miss Earth and also an avid traveller. We had a good session discussing her recent trip to Argentina, and she agreed to share it with The Travelling Foxes.

The short trip to Argentina was sudden and unplanned for, and it came with a few surprises. Below is the Q&A session I had with Princess:

Of all places in the world, why Argentina?

Just unexpectedly, my boyfriend had a few days off work so we decided to travel to Argentina. I have never been there before, and, knowing me, I am always up for a new adventure so I decided to go with him. We went to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and also visited El Calafate in Patagonia.


What stood out for you during the trip?

I have never seen glaciers before, so I found the Perito Moreno Glacier as one of the highlights from the trip. Although it was only 14 degrees Celcius, the winds from the glacier made me feel really cold.

What did you enjoy the most?

It was my first time to meet my boyfriend’s family, and to me, I found spending quality time with them the most enjoyable. People in Argentina are very warm and friendly, similar to people in the Philippines, so being there with them made me feel at home.


What advice could you give spontaneous travellers like yourself?

Although it is always more fun and exciting to travel without prior planning, there are a few basic things I advice you should do before going on a random trip:

  1. Research about the Weather. It is important to research about the weather! Relying on a weather app may not give you the best feedback on the place. Aside from that, it is always important to prepare for harsh weather conditions so the trip can be more enjoyable. An example is preparing raincoats, double layer jackets and scarfs. This could have made the trip more enjoyable for me.

  2. Find out about the best tours. We missed a few potentially good experiences as they did not allow impromptu show-ups in some tours. Most required pre-booking of slots days before the tour. Because of that, we missed a few adventures which I thought I might have enjoyed.

  3. Bring comfortable shoes! Being an advocate of nature, I always want to have some adventurous trips around the place. I did not bring proper footwear to Argentina, so walking in the rocks was very difficult and made my feet very sore as I did not bring my hiking shoes.

Princess is also a coffee shop nut and food explorer and will drop by The Travelling Foxes and will co-blog with us! If you want to follow Princess’s travel adventures, visit her Instagram here: @pjsandstories



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