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Mt. Ayaas: A Day Hike Escape from Manila

Updated: Apr 13

Are you a Manila-based hiker looking for a challenge close to the metro? Mt. Ayaas, nestled in the province of Rizal, is a fantastic option for a day trip packed with adventure and stunning views!

What Makes Mt. Ayaas Special

Mt. Ayaas won't disappoint if you're into varied terrain. Here's what you can expect during your hike:

  • Lush Forest: Traverse a beautiful forest trail adding a touch of nature to your adventure.

  • Grasslands and Summit Views: The final ascent takes you through exposed grasslands with sweeping panoramas of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

Difficulty and Preparation

Mt. Ayaas is rated as a moderately difficult hike (4/9 difficulty). Be prepared for a good workout with some steep climbs. Here's a packing checklist:

  • Hiking shoes with good grip

  • At least 2 liters of water

  • Snacks and trail food

  • Sun protection (hat, sunscreen)

  • Rain jacket (weather can be unpredictable)

How to Get to Mt. Ayaas from Manila

  1. Public Transportation:

  • Take a van from Cubao or Antipolo to Brgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal.

  • From Brgy. San Jose, hire a tricycle to take you to the jump-off point in Brgy. Mascap.

  1. Private Vehicle:

  • Search for the Mt. Ayaas jump-off point in Brgy. Mascap on your preferred map app. There is limited parking space available.

Important Notes

  • Register at the Brgy. Mascap barangay hall and secure a guide (mandatory).

  • Start your hike early to maximize daylight hours.

  • Practice Leave No Trace principles to help preserve the mountain's beauty.

Ready for the Challenge?

Mt. Ayaas is a fantastic option for Manila hikers seeking a diverse, challenging, and rewarding day trip in nature. With preparation and enthusiasm, you'll conquer its trails and return home energized and inspired!

Let's Connect!

Did you conquer Mt. Ayaas? Share your adventure photos with me! Tag me on The Travelling Foxes Instagram.

Let me know if you'd like additional details, such as budget estimates or more specific transportation tips!


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