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2- Week Budget Tour for the Philippines

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

There are so many beautiful destinations in the Philippines, and if you have 2-weeks to explore this beautiful country, here is an itinerary which you can do through Do You Travel.

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Choosing the best spots to visit in the Philippines can be difficult. Each island has its own charm – from scenery, culture, food and even dialect.

With 7,641 islands to choose from, it may be difficult to shortlist which to visit first.

I joined the Do You Travel tour on November 2019 and did 14 days out of the 16 Days Do The Philippines Group Tour.

Day 1: Sabang, Puerto Princesa. From Manila, we made our way to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. When we landed, we made our way to Sabang Port via private van.

Day 2: Underground River. Due to weather conditions, we were not able to explore the underground river, but we got to enjoy more of the beaches in Sabang Port. After enjoying Sabang Beach, we made our way to Port Barton.

Day 3: Gilligans, Port Barton. Amazing island-hopping adventure! We explored 5 different islands around Port Barton.

Day 4: El Nido. We made our way back to Port Barton via an outrigger boat and made our way to El Nido, Palawan.

Day 5: El Nido 3-Day Expedition. We went island hopping to different islands in El Nido and ended in an exclusive beach resort called Plumeria.

Day 6: Coron. We spent the whole day on an outrigger boat exploring Linapacan, the clearest seawater in the world. Amazing snorkeling experience!

Day 7: El Nido Lagoons. While slowly making our way back to El Nido proper, we checked out the Big Lagoon, Hidden Beach, and Binilaoud. After island hopping for 3-days, we started getting ready for our flight to Cebu.

Day 8: Cebu City. We took a flight from El Nido to Cebu and rested for the night.

Day 9: Whalesharks and Canyoneering. It was a big day! We woke up early to swim with the whale sharks, then made our way to Badian to do canyoneering in Kawasan Falls.

Day 10: Siargao. Rest day on our final island on this trip.

Day 11: Surfing Lessons. A visit to Cloud 9 for some surfing lessons! Loads of fun!

Day 12: Island Hopping Siargao. We visited 3 popular islands – including Naked Island and Daku Island.

Day 13: Lagoons, Pools and Coconut Trees. We went to Magpupunko Pools at low tide, Sugba Lagoon and Coconut Swing. The last day to also hang out with the crew.

Day 14: Goodbye Siargao. Last day to enjoy the island before I headed back to Manila.

Here a video summary of all the top 5 destinations we visited on this trip:

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