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Integra Institute: A School Built for You

A school of Art & Media, Business and Technology launched last Wednesday, February 8 2017 in Ortigas, Metro Manila. The school aims at leading the innovation of education for aspiring leaders, businessmen and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The school offers practical and applicable courses by integrating theories and techniques that can immediately be applied to real world circumstances.


The event had two waves: the morning wave invited bloggers and the press to have a free class simulation with mentors from the different school departments. The simulation classes started in the Regus in Marco Polo Ortigas, and the guests were able to learn from different mentors.

The second wave was an Open House event for future students who wanted to experience Integra before joining in the school.


The first mentor, Din Ignacio, is the UI/UX Lead of Ocular. Din has over 20 years experience in the digital arts and spent the last 8 years working at Electronic Arts as the UI Director of Visceral Games where he worked on the Dead Space, Battlefield and Star Wars. He joined Oculus in late 2015 and helped launch the Rift and Farlands.


They also had a discussion with Swee Lin Lim, the author of “10 Easy Habits of Eating Well, Being Well“. Swee Lin has worked for McKinsey and Company, she helped clients on topics such as market entry strategy, product portfolio strategy, revenue and cost management, branding, customer insights and sales stimulation. Swee Lin has a Master of Business Administration with double major in Strategy and Finance from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She will be conducting online classes on Finance Education for Integra’s School of Business from Singapore.


Other mentors and senior advisers who were present during the launch were:

Roberto Pengson, an entrepreneur, a cooking show producer, a chef and restauranteur who studied in California Culinary Academy has currently been accepted in HBX of Harvard Business School and completing a course which will be applied to the system in Integra.

Director Rich Ilustre, a director for Channel [V], GMA, and the Asian Food Channel. He completed his studies in cinematography in the USA.

Racky Manalastas, a graduate of Parson’s University in New York and the founder and head of Whitehall Design Studio, a company that designs and brands work for some of the biggest corporations in the country.

Timmy Facuri, Executive Vice President of one of the leading companies in the home protection and maintenance industry. He personally managers almost 100 employees servicing over 2,000 residences and offices annually. He is experienced with logistics, operations, humang resource management, cost control and most importantly customer service.

Christina Heras, a retired professional who has over 30 years of experience in Practicality of Design, Construction Cost Control and Project Management is a graduate from Parsons University in New York, Arte de Hogar, Escuela Llar in Barcelona, Spain.

Natalie Tarin, a marketing consultant who completed her Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in Murdoch University Australia. Natalie has worked for some of the largest and most respected multinational companies in Singapore and the Philippines.

Kresten Jacobsen, an Environmental Design Engineer (ESD) from WGE Engineers in Perth, Australia and currently a Technical Business Development Consultant for PhilDane and Northwind, a local company operating the first wind farm in South East Asia. He is also working on projects in solar energy and run-of-river energy.

Natasha Villaroman, an entrepreneur and graduate from De La Salle University with a major in Business Management. Natasha has a passion for startups and worked in an HR tech company that helps jobseekers connect to opportunities. Over the years she has been coaching and been invited to speak at Universities to talk about entrepreneurship, self-development and personal branding.

Vic Covarrubias, a 2-time Animahenasyon awardee and Gawad CCP awardee for his animated shorts is also a graduate of Bachelor of Science in IT (Major in Multimedia and Computer Animation) from Ateneo de Zamboanga University. His early penchant for drawing and literature led him to learning and studying film, design, and animation. He illustrated for books, produces advertising animations, and designs branding collaterals for local brands.

John Vince Magibin, a businessman who handles over 100 employees of 5 different companies. He has worked in the Food & Beverage industry and has strengths in leadership, human resource, project, operations, and risk management.

Joana Diane, one of the mentors in the School of Art & Media is a highly committed and passionate about creativity, technical processes and the business side of fashion and textile home furnishing. She is currently completing a course at the London College of Fashion and will be bringing her learnings to Integra.

Erika Lopez, a licensed financial advisor has worked in leading insurance companies and is well versed in Marketing and Sales. Erika is an outstanding lecturer in the Sales Process both in the B2B and C2B setting, she studied different business processes of various companies that sought her consultancy.

For more information on Integra Institute of Art, Business and Technology, please see contact details below:

Facebook: @integrainstituteph Instagram: @integra_institute Website: Globe #: +63 995 728 4044 Smart #: +63 921 017 5177 Landline #: +63 32 721 8922

Address: Unit 19C, Strata 2000, F. Ortigas Jr. (Emerald Avenue), Ortigas Center Pasic City, 1605




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