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A scenic trip to Fortune Island in Nasugbu, Batangas

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

If you wake up one day and realize you want to travel somewhere for a change of scene, but don’t actually have the time or finances to do so, Fortune Island would be a good option to consider.

Only 2.5 hours located outside Manila, this Greek-inspired island is a place where you can chill, role play as gods or goddesses, and just enjoy the beach.

Why is there an acropolis on an abandoned island in Batangas?

Apparently, Fortune Island used to be an exclusive luxury resort. It was operational for many years until it had to cease in 2006 due to high maintenance costs – Fortune Island is located in the typhoon belt and is constantly struck with hard-hitting typhoons.

In 2013, the island reopened for day-trippers or campers who want to explore the picturesque place.

I decided to visit the island with friends for the first time on a weekday – there were barely any other guests on the island, so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

We opted for a relaxing trip unlike our usual crazy hyper adventures, so we did not get to stroll around the island to exploit it fully, but we did enough to keep us entertained for the duration of the day. Here are a few activities you can enjoy while you’re there:

Cliff Jumping

The back end of the island is surrounded by high cliff rocks, and it is deep enough to go cliff jumping. They have also added a safety rope so you can easily climb your way back to the stairs.

Snorkeling/ Diving

Before you arrive on the island, you will notice the clear turquoise waters and the coral reefs clearly just beneath you.

Don’t forget to bring your own pair of snorkels, swimming goggles, or diving gear to explore the colorful underwater world of the island.

For experienced divers, you can actually dive to the rear part of a Dutch freighter located 65ft under the sea. The starting point is not far from the beach.

Deep Water Soloing

Due to the steep cliff rocks, there are many options for deep water soloing. We tried, but we did find the rocks a little too sharp to actually pursue the climb. For rock-climbing enthusiasts, this may be a good island to explore.


If you forget to bring a sun umbrella or tent, well, you have no choice but to sunbathe! The island has no shade (which I like), but for conscious people who prefer their glowing white porcelain skin, this may be a little rough for you! So if you do come here, make sure to bring all sorts of sun cover.


If a day trip is not enough for you, you can also stay overnight. You are far away from the pollution of Manila, so there is a higher probability you will be getting the clear star-studded skies in the evening.

Take a Hike

The highest point of the island holds a lighthouse which you can trek to. It takes approximately 30-minutes to get to, which isn’t too bad if you do it at sunset.

Take Greek-inspired Photos

What makes this island stand out compared to the other islands in the Philippines is the beautiful Greek-inspired ruins. It’s not hard to find beautiful turquoise beaches surrounded by white sands and coral reefs, so this is what makes Fortune Island stand out from the rest.

How to go to Fortune Island

We took a private vehicle and made our way to Fortune Island at 6AM. It took us 2.5hrs travel time (we stopped at a gas depot to grab breakfast) from the city to the resort where you catch an outrigger boat to the island.

If you plan to take a private vehicle to Fortune Island, just search ‘Fortune Island Resort’ in Apacible Blvd in Nasugbu, Batangas in Waze app.

You can leave your vehicle in the resort as there is ample space for parking.

For public transport, you can take a bus from Baclaran or Buendia bus station and ride a bus to Nasugbu. From the bus station in Nasugbu, you can ride a tricycle to Fortune Island Resort. This will take approximately 4-Hours travel time.


The fee for a whole day outrigger boat to take you to the island is Php 3,500 which can fit 6 – 8 pax. There are also bigger outriggers that can fit 10 – 12 pax (Php 4,000), 15 pax (Php 5,000) and 20 pax (Php 6,000). The entrance fee per person for a day tour is Php 300 per head. For an overnight stay, the entrance fee per person is Php 400 per head.

Reservation is not necessary but you may do so by sending them a message (contact details at the end of this blog post).

Other Things You Need To Know

Fortune Island has been abandoned for many years, so don’t expect the comforts of a resort. There is no shade, no water, no food, no electricity, and no toilet. When you go to the island, make sure you bring enough water and food for the duration of your stay.

There are also no proper disposal procedures, so please make sure you leave no trace and take everything you brought to the island back with you.

You can also try to help out in the coastal clean up if you come across any trash on the island or in the coral reefs. I have spotted a lot of them, and it really ruins the beauty of the place.

If you decide to go during typhoon season, just get ready to face an unpleasant boat ride which will be very wavy. We went at the end of May (summer), and there were waves already.

For safety purposes, I suggest avoiding going there at all during the typhoon season and leave it for a summer trip.

To get in touch with the Fortune Island Resort directly, message or call 09155047166. Click here to access their official Facebook page.

Beaches are not only for chilling. Sometimes you can add more fun by rock climbing or cliff jumping! Here's a clip from Fortune Island in Nasugbu, Batangas.

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